Welcome to ctwnow.org.  This is a place for all of us to use:  all 6.8 billion of us as of 2010.  A place where we can try to do something we have never done before:  we can participate. We can participate in defining the human experience instead of trying to survive what we have made of it  We have no choice now but to try; there’s not much more of “this” that we can handle before we begin to sustain irreparable damage as the single race that we humans are.  We may not yet know how to, but each and every one of us, regardless of where we live or what language we speak, knows in their heart that WE CAN DO BETTERWe won’t know until we try and we can’t try until we start, so this is a start, or maybe even a head start.  Hopefully one of many, but even just one will do

This web site: this “place” that can become a blueprint for human participation, is dedicated to every single person who lives, has lived and will live.  As of today; Monday; December 20, 2010 it is for all of us.  We are all we have and if we put our minds and backs into it  WE CAN DO BETTER.  Today is a good day to start!

Here is one way to start:  You can not buy or sell anything on this web site, not with money.  The only currency that is of any value is truth and we can tell when something is true.   There are not and there never will be any financial transactions of any kind on this web site, absolutely zero.  This web site is a place for PEOPLE not products.  Remember that WE invented and created everything that can be purchased; even the money that we purchase everything with.  The minute that we allow anything that we invent or create to become more important than us or to have power over us, then we throw away everything that is “us”.

It is also important that we inform ourselves with FACTS instead of opinions.    We are more alike than any of us realize and any one of us can tell a fact from an opinion. Read the document titled “Declaration of Humanity.” It is a good example of how to communicate by using simple truths instead of opinionated propaganda. It costs nothing yet it is worth everything.  You can download it, (Its in PDF), save a copy for reference and by all means share it with as many people as you like and share your thoughts about it here as well.  ctwnow.org is always open so everyone can have the opportunity to say something.  Share your feedback with us by writing to ideas@ctwnow.org.


In our LIBRARY, you will find an ever increasing sampling of essays and calculations which nurture our humanity instead of imposing on it.

The CHALKBOARD is the place where we can create the blueprint for participation together.  Everyone has access to the chalkboard and there is always a piece of “chalk” available to add and idea, and observation, a solution or any of the infinite ways we can participate.  The chalkboard is a place where we can look forward and contemplate solutions instead of looking back and complaining; we all know what our problems are, in the chalkboard we can talk about solutions and possibilities.

The QUOTE OF THE DAY, is a little daily sliver of wisdom to enlighten our minds and lighten our loads.  Anyone and everyone can submit a quote of the day and everyone’s quote gets a turn

ctwnow.org’s NEWS AND EVENTS page contains information and events which foster our growth as a genetic collective of humans. The definition of “news” as the reporting of tragic, criminal or sensationalistic events is shallow and nonproductive.  Each one of us is a “reporter” of the human experience, this is “our” news were we can read and submit reports on our progress towards participation.,

If we choose to, we can grow together and if we choose to, WE CAN DO BETTER.


We CAN do better!

More to come....

PAB DISCLAIMER:  All of the articles, essays and other content found on this site are observations, they are not opinions nor criticisms.  Opinions are like anuses; every person has one and each one is different.  If reading about or being informed of something that exists in our world and is observable offends or upsets you, ask yourself:  WHY?