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Declaration of Humanity

The date on which this Declaration was born was January 1, 2010.  It is the most sincere wish of this author that it never have a final chapter; instead, that it become a living document; authored by all of us and moving with us. This declaration is made under the only authority possible in order for it to be true; it was written by a Human Being.  I am one of many, and it is from that point of view that the words contained herein should be read.  I do not write this as an artistic expression.  I do not write this in representation of any group, organization, school of thought or any of the myriad of concepts, ideas, ideals, beliefs or other things that we created and are so fond of representing.  I write this because it needs to be written, so it can be read by others.  I write this because I don’t think anyone else has yet and one of us must write these words.  Perhaps some or many of us already have and if so, then once again, it is one of many.  The words written here are collected and arranged in the simplest form possible, so as to communicate with clear and inarguable understanding, some basic things that are common to us all.  These are all things that we already know, somewhere inside of each one of us; each and every one of us.   These words are not for me or about me, because this is not about me; it’s about us.  It’s all about us, it always has been; it’s just hard to remember sometimes.  What matters is that we read these words, so we may remember what we already know; that being human is simply what one does; if one of us forgets something important, we help each other to remember.  It’s not a matter of right or wrong, it’s simply what we DO, just like what we do (or at least what we know we should do) if the person walking in front of one of us trips and begins to fall: you help them.  You reach out and steady them so they do not fall, or catch them if they are already falling or otherwise act to help them.  It doesn’t require thinking, that’s just what you do.  What requires thinking is convincing oneself that it’s NOT what we do.  Each one of us knows this.  Afterwards, we may continue walking, or stop and chat, or whatever else we decide, it’s entirely up to us.  Everything that we have ever done, we have done because we chose to and we made those choices because we can.  We can even choose to not do what we know we should do, even though we don’t know why we know we should.  Somehow, we just know.  These words have the same purpose; it’s what any one of us does when another needs help:  Human help.  We are all we have, and so these declarations are made by one of us, for all of us and to all of us, because it is important to all of us.

We find ourselves at a point in the human experience where we must make choices. When it comes to making a choice, there is no value scale of importance, only the ability to choose is important.  In the end, no single thing in our perception is any more or less important than any other thing, we choose the importance that we give things, because we can.  We all live together in the civilized world that we chose to create and from which we are all running, before it kills us. If I, as an individual who is also part of the Human race, choose to look beyond what I have been taught and what I thought I believed; namely, -that I am the center of my own universe and as such that I am the most important thing in the universe-, then I might see something else besides myself.  This is a no simple task.  It is hard to leave the comfort of one’s own importance.  It is hard because in order to do so, it must be true and we know when it’s true.  Some truths are very hard to accept and we may choose not to accept a truth.  That does not change the truth, however.  We also know this. We all find ourselves ending up in that place where “I” come first and there we stay, regardless of circumstances.  I found myself there as well and thought the same thing.  I was wrong.  This is simply the truth.  It is my truth, which also happens to be our truth, for we are all connected by our humanity.  Truth is also free, it’s costs nothing and cannot be sold or bought.  There is never the need to create and incentive for truth; it is the incentive.  For example; I don’t have to admit to being wrong about anything. We have not written any rule, or law requiring me to do so, nor is there an unwritten understanding to the same end.  I’m not selling anything, I’m not trying to convince anyone about anything, nor do I stand to “benefit” from writing this. I do so to let go of the unpleasant illusions that are the result of the lies we have chosen to tell ourselves since we realized we could choose what we tell ourselves.  Everyone feels the same exact way and we all know this, yet we actually believe that as long as nobody knows what “I” think, then we are safe.  We believe this very much.  “Nobody knows what I’m thinking.  Nobody knows my intentions or what I really want.  I can think only about myself and act otherwise.  No one will know.”  We choose to believe that as well and the very second that we do, we lie to ourselves and THAT is messy. Yet we still believe no one will know.  I know.  Each one of us knows.  I know I lied to myself.  I know I made a mess because of it and yet I hung on to that lie because it was all I knew.  We’ve been doing this to ourselves for a long time now.  So long that we seem to have forgotten that we chose this.  We just forgot, so we believe that our choices are “reality” and this is why each one of us feels ALONE; we dare not share the privacy of our true thoughts with anyone. .  There are almost 7 billion of us, and the vast majority feels utterly and completely alone and afraid, and those who don’t may be completely lost.  This is true and we all know it is so, until we remember that it is a choice.  We can choose to remember that we have a choice and then make some choices.  We can choose to look at ourselves in a mirror, with no one else there, and simply choose to stop.  It must be a true choice; we know when it’s true.  It’s a hard choice.  To see ones self as we are is to see us all and we are all the same.  So then, why have we done this to ourselves?  Why have we chosen to accept it and to perpetuate it? In the end, it’s a choice: an individual choice.  Nothing can change that; nothing can change the reality that we are a collective made up of individuals.  We simply don’t know how to reconcile the two:  “I” and “us”.  The price of one instant of the truth is hefty.  Once we drop the self-deceit, what is usually there, waiting to burst forth is FEAR and ANGER.  It is logical to be angry.  For the vast majority of us, everything is messed up, and it’s okay to feel anger but it’s never okay to give anger free reign, but we all know this as well.  It is there, in that tiny space between what was and what is, that we find ourselves now.  We can no longer hide inside our own arrogance or guilt.  Everything that we have ever done has brought us to a place where we don’t have to stand in front of a mirror alone and make the hard choice to strip away the lies, we can actually see and feel heavy burden of the sum total of all the individual lies we’ve told ourselves for thousands of years in each other.  The same lies that “no one would know” and would keep us safe.  Our choices have put us in the position where we have no choice but to see and feel what those choices have made of the human condition.  We all know this and to some degree we’ve known this for a long time, we’ve just never talked about it.  We’ve made it very hard to talk to each other.  We have technology now, however, so it is possible to see many other people in many different places; at first through our televisions and now through our computers, which have also allowed for us to talk, and we have.  We have created a giant room where we can all see each other, and we’ve seen the same thing.  All of us have.  We’ve seen how our choices have made us suffer and how they have become an obstacle to happiness and joy.  We have made ourselves suffer by choice.  We have seen all of the things that we have created, because other than ourselves, we have created everything else that exists around us, and we have given some of those creations apparent life, will and authority.  Not only have we given life and will to some of our creations, we forgot that we invented them and think them real and we believe this.  These things all have one thing in common:  they create the illusion of authority and the requirement to obey the results of their functions, which once again, we created.  Things like wealth, and money, and authority and sovereignty and hierarchy and debt and value and position and rules and math.  We created all of these things. It may have been only a few of us and a very long time ago, but they were just choices made with a little inspiration.  Whenever a human adds a little inspiration to a choice, we create something.  Things like agriculture and money, music, greed, literature, selfishness, compassion, carelessness, envy, government, religion, medicine, laughter and everything else we know.  We are capable of so much.  That is why we get angry when we face our own truth; that we have made bad choices and have done nothing about it, while all the time having the ability to choose something else.  I accept this truth and I was angry.  I was angry at myself and at you and at everybody.  I felt I had no choice but to be angry until I realized that I do have a choice.  We all do, and through that choice I am no longer limited to “me” living in the universe of “I”, I can see that “I” am one of “US”, and that WE are what is important;  All of us.  There are many of us for one simple inarguable reason:  it is necessary.  If it were not, there would only be one of us. With the inspiration created by that truth, I choose to make the first Declaration;

I forgive myself for waiting until now to choose, regardless of why.  I forgive every one of us who did nothing or who did everything that contributed to the sad and inhuman state of humanity today.  I choose to do so freely and truly, with full knowledge that to lie to myself brings about only destruction.  I forgive myself, so we can all forgive ourselves and each other - for the past, and therefore create the possibility to choose a different future.  If I can do this and if it is true, then we all can, if we choose to.

 We can do better. 

The rest is up to us, all of us.

End of part 1.


We CAN do better!

More to come....

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